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Frozen Feast aquarium food contains both shelf-stable natural bacterium B. subtilis and B. lichenformis. These bacterias are used in conjunction because they germinate under slightly different conditions, e.g., salinity and temperature, giving the user a better range of rearing environments when using the product.

Both bacillus species are used to reduce metabolites, primarily NH4 and H2S. Putative benefits include reduced water exchange, lower levels of blue-green algae, lower ammonia levels, less stress on animals, resulting in less disease. This is a live probiotic. The bacteria in this product are cultured in a specific manner that makes them adapted to colonizing the animal gut. Their express purpose is to provide nutritional and immunological benefits to the fish, corals, and other animals that consume them. Other products on the market claim to contain probiotic bacteria, but those are dry (inactive) cultures of sketchy genera such as Lactobacillus and are used because it is cheap.

These bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas) are live, viable, and are proven to increase feed conversion in captive fish. It is also a widely known coral-associated probiotic. We spend a lot more time and money to culture these on a polyphenolic food source, which essentially means that they are adapted to breaking down recalcitrant organic substances like cellulose. Hence, herbivores like tangs ultimately digest more of their food and generate less solid waste. Throw in the fact that these bacteria are also rich in carotenoids. There really isn't even a comparison to the very few other true aquacultural probiotic products available in our industry.