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Research and Development

Research is what we do at CapitalCorals INC. From biomedical and drug discovery to disease diagnosis and reef restoration are all active research areas. Utilizing the unique research tools afforded by aquaculture- stabilized animals, cloned subjects, genetic variants, we are accelerating progress to aid both the reefs and mankind. Dr. Gerdes' broad back ground in chemistry, cell and molecular biology, developmental systems, and coral biology are opening many new collaborations in exciting areas of important need.

Current Projects:

Biofouling mitigation with waxes and essential oils for coral nursery management, out plant assistance, and larval survival.  Efforts directed at aiding restoration groups in Florida including the Coral Restoration Foundation ( and Mote Marine Labs (, and now the Yucatan peninsula with the Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration (

Coral Disease Diagnostics using advance Mass Spectrometry approaches to develop diagnostic signatures for coral disease at a species level.  Current approaches to disease diagnosis entail photographic reference cards, knowledge of diseases reported in the area, and the progression of the disease. For progress to be made in the management of coral disease, the disease must be definitively differentiated from one another. 

Coral Drugs are a third avenue of investigation we are undertaking with collaborators at University at Albany, SUNY with initial targets of novel antimicrobial agents/antibiotics and neuromuscular diseases.


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Our collaborators:
CapitalCorals is thankful to the many people and organizations that help support our ongoing endeavor to become a premier land-based coral research facility. Special thanks to the Coral Restoration Foundation, NOAA and the CT SEA Grant program, and numerous individuals associated with the local research community.