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Research and Education

Education and Research

Philosophy- At CapitalCorals, we feel strongly that educated children are critical to the future of the planet and coral reefs. Through research and education, we expose children and young adults to a world largely inaccessible to them to provide a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature, as well as to stimulate interest in scientific careers.

Past Projects

University of New Haven- Effects of elevated CO2 on coral growth, Developing an apparatus for electrical current coral growth stimulation.

Morgan High School- Effects of essential oils applied to coral plugs on algae growth and coral response.

Coginchauk High School- Comparison of coral growth on fragments mounted to plugs or grown in suspension on hanging lines. Coral growth changes from CO2 exposure.

SUNY Albany Master's project- Chemical profiling of secreted compounds from healthy and stressed corals.

Conn. College and Becker College- Evaluate feeding responses of different corals to individual amino acids and coral for implants.

UCONN Avery Point- Coral testing system optimization.