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Coral Propagation: An Intro and Brief Overview

Coral Propagation: An Intro and Brief Overview

Coral propagation referrs to the assexual reproduction of "clones" of coral polyps. Coral propagation can be intentional or natural.

Why force propagation?

  1. Propagation can decrease some of the pressure on nature. A lot of coral is imported into the United States annually. (Visit the US Coral Reef Task Force website for more information.)
  2. Corals grow...eventually into on another.
  3. Spreading special genetics can decrease the cost of mother colonies.
  4. Helps populate backup tank systems.
  5. Supports the trading for other corals of interest.
  6. Helps drive the market for coral and coral products.

Please stay tuned for the next part in this series where we explain the conditions and tools needed for coral propagation.